2020 has been an atypical and abnormal journey that has finally ended. Yet we are not sure what to expect from 2021, however, we can only focus on the positivity to come along. So, what the previous year has settled for us in terms of photography trends, colours and designs.

Photography trends are settled seeking factors such as; Visual style of photographers, techniques that are gaining popularity in photography projects, even things such as social media filters, etc. Nevertheless, understanding the photography trends is very much helping before you begin a photoshoot for any project to ensure that your visions are on the same page.

Analysing our client database’s we have potentially anticipated the list of trends to follow in stock photography in 2021. Here are a few famous stock images trends for 2021 that you can use.


Taking of latest photo trends, let’s start with the Silhouettes. We can think of them in a few different ways. You might see a closeup of a person framed in light or a more wide-angle scene where the background is in the focal point and the silhouetted person (or people) serves as more of an emphasis in the image.

These kinds of images provide different areas of focus, such as a scene, without highlighting the individual in the image, and much more creative ways. This makes silhouette a great option if you are dealing with stock photos or don’t want to show specific individuals or worry with elements such as style trends.

Distanced andMasked

This can be called as a pandemic effect, where the world has adopted the mask-wearing cultural habit and had adopted socially distant practices due to the spread of the virus worldwide. That’s prominent in photography as well. Timely and updated photography accurately portrays the reality and make the photos more representative of the period we live in. Images of people wearing full masks on the face or people partially wearing them, which is also a thing in some circles.

Depicting that people are maintaining distances even in big crowds is another element of this photography trend because it is representative of the very current, popular environment.

Elusive Filters

The effect of social media is apparent in the use of subtle filters, even for photos that aren’t on Instagram or Snapchat. This follows by softening the light in images that create a bit of a colour cast, the almost-muted tone is subtle for eyes and creates a distinct feel for the image.

Real-Life Images

Before the time there was a huge interest in images depicting unrealistic scenarios. But the society is shifting from unrealistic to a more an authentic. So, the imagery depicts authentic living and ‘real talk’. The stock photography trend has adopted to capture the every-day life.

Natural Game

Going green is yet another trending concept and it has made its way into the photos. From outside photos to the photos that feature plants indoors are shooting up everywhere.

But it’s more than just a conservation concept. Using natural elements it’s a way to soften a scene and help create a far better sense of harmony and serenity in the images. Additionally, it creates depth and background elements that don’t overpower the visual composition.

The No Edit’s

Living in the lockdown has changed and taught as to appreciate the beauty of simplicity, the small things, and real version. The pandemic had made it stripped down to essentials, many of us immersed in comfort home zones where we got to be ourselves.

Real-life lives are more than perfect so visuals will no longer bear the visible mark of editing and post-processing. Subtle re-touches will always be there for product photography, but it has made it certain that 2021 will bring the ‘without make-up,’ natural-looking trend. Mobile photography will claim its victory over other pro devices as visuals will no longer depend on planning or organized photo shootings, they will rather spur out of everyday photo opportunities, produced anywhere, anytime, to fit any screen, rapidly delivered on social media and streaming platforms.

The Self-ie Mode

“Selfie” is already a trending element, but it also features a whole different look of its own. The design is usually exemplified by a focusing scene. The newer part for 2021 is that the people in the photos are trying to keep some distance among themselves or with much smaller groups than in the past. This style of photography is just everywhere and is on the verge of becoming a cliche in itself.

Bold & Neon Flair

Colours more vivid, more vibrant in their presence are taking off the photography world for all digital mediums. Use of bright and bold visuals are best to grab a viewer’s attention or create a marketing and design splash.

We’ll see an increase in neon-themed imagery over next year. Luminous and glowing are the next coming highest trending stock images. Neon-themed portraits are already on a great hike which makes an ordinary portrait popped.

Inclusive Focus

The “all-inclusive” thing is all set to rule this year photography trends. Let’s talk, think, and sink about the bodies, genders, orientations and racial diversities that still matters.

Only one in three women entrepreneurs are there in the UK and so on to count on. And now the industry is changing this traditional view of entrepreneurs through the rise in awareness for flexible recruiting terms, leaving gender bars, flexible working hours, remote working, and terms like ‘momtrepreneur’ becoming increasingly popular. So, it’s a great time to celebrate, inspire, & empower through imagery.

360º Photography

Virtual Reality, or VR, is on the rise in many areas of technology such as gaming and films, it is no surprise that it has found its way into photography as well and in fact in a big way that it has settled the stock image trends. Yet we are more likely to see 360 photography in the more elaborative and successive way and gain popularity.

This is a type of photography where photos or videos that cover a 360-degree spectrum, allowing the viewer to capture the image from all angles instead of a selected perspective. While the technology to form this type of photography remains developing, we are seeing early versions on Facebook and Google Maps that are fully functional and provides an idea on what the longer term may hold for 360 photography.

Mind Matters

As one of the largest health issues witnessed in today’s generations is mental problems. The pandemic has become more prominent in the lockdown situation in 2020. The stock imagery has come up with the types of different aspects to be vocal about mental health. It’s almost a goal to strive for in 2021, to improve and have a stable mental state.

Depicting that people are maintaining distances even in big crowds is another element of this photography trend because it is representative of the very current, popular environment.