Lifestyle photography is where interactions are made on the candid shots, without any interruptions & directions by the photographer. In lifestyle photography, the true nature of a relationship is reflected rather than focus on any fancy place or the fancy clothes they wear. Capturing Indian lifestyle photography is a sort of portrait photography that aims to capture dynamic portraits of Indians living in their several life situations, festivities, big fat Indian weddings, real events and showing that Indianness in their lifestyles.

The main purpose of those photographs is to point out, figure, and set the different types of lives of people within India. This kind of photography usually captures several genres like Indian landscapes, local street photography, local culture & fashion, weddings, etc. In this article, you’ll find a couple of artistic lifestyles photography ideas which will assist you in taking sincere and natural photographs.

During shooting lifestyle photographs, people don’t pose they rather indulge in a given particular situation and the photographer captures their emotional responses for instance laughter, joy, surprise, admiration, etc. You must make your lifestyle photos pop and keep it moody in several clicks.

Real lifestyle photos capture those blissful and cherishing moments, such as a couple kissing in the park, a baby blowing bubbles, or a child riding a bicycle or roller skating, the local streets of crowed Indian markets, temples, scriptures, etc. A perfect lifestyle photo should depict everything as natural and alive, revealing the history of personalities, feelings, relationships, etc.

Below here are a few subsequent Indian Lifestyle Photography tips that will enhance your shooting experience.

Use Several Viewpoints

Lifestyle photography is quite unusual because of its naturalness and unexpected actions. Take a picture from the bottom or top, over your shoulder, or get a little closer. Show your creative vision by capturing from different angles, depending on the scenario and you will get the best of results.

Try Not To Repeat Shots

You have no time and no opportunity to re-frame and click that one brief moment afterwards because in most cases you’re photographing families with children or old aged people that aren’t able to repeat something again so that you can capture it at your best. Besides, if you ask them to repeat an action, the picture will no longer look so natural and might have those real emotions & expressions in it.

Predict The Moments

The best photo, or hero shot, is usually a particular moment for which you’ll be waiting to happen. It’s important to be prepared for that moment to come to your eyes by reading how your subject is going to move or react in advance. At the same time, you can try capturing a second before and after that moment, it can sometimes give great unexpected results. These extra shots will also give you a variety of shots for stock or for your client to tell their story.

Develop Stories

Whether your client is a newlywed couple or a brand company, everything has a story to express. So, try freezing their stories within these images. Start by thinking of several images that together tell their story then attempt to create one image that captures that very same narrative. Creating options will give your client a good space for using those images.

Show Up Environment

Shot your environment where you are capturing the lifestyle photographs, it briefs about the background and gives a clearer picture of the lifestyle that is being focused. In the film industry, this is called an establishing shot. When pitching a story it is vital to take images that show the larger picture. If you’re photographing Indian old famous vintage places then you must shot an old man with long rugged, rough hairs who depicts the oldness of those streets.

Details Matters

Sometimes there’s nothing more intricate and intimate than the minute details covered between the two people. Get in close details at that moment which are essential and important in the big picture. It gives a more realistic and artistic view of photography. For stance, while shooting an Indian wedding you must capture the bride’s Lehnga, Mehndi, her tears while Vidai, the familial environment and so on.

Mind The Background

It’s OK to keep changing objects and scenery to create a better image background. In fact, move a whole room around just to change the shot look and make it a new space. It’s easy to think that you have taken the right shot but later when you recheck the photos and realize than an image with the best expressions has some unmatched object within the background that you can’t Photoshop out. So, be already sure and checked about those details as well.