An inappropriate social image will give your social space an unprofessional view in the eyes of readers and viewers. The pictures you select must send the correct message and in a proper manner. But how you will know that an image is a perfect fit for your context in social media use? No worries, here we have pointed out a couple of key elements that will help you to choose a correct image for social use.

Choose Different Images For Different Platforms

Each social network is different, its usage, audience, trends, users are completely different from one another. So, the pictures that drive high levels of engagement on a social platform must be valid and desirable to the readers & users and must be differentiated.

Set A Goal For An Image

Before you create & produce a picture, you, first of all, have to consider the goal, the usage, and the purpose of that particular image. It can be drive traffic, increase engagement, get followers, etc. This will assist you to create a picture which will align in that outcome.

Mind Your Audience

People are only going to click on your image, share it or like it if it relates & connects with them. This is why you must give a deep check on the audience, the viewers of the content and then should further finalize and use an image.

Illustrations Your Image

After you select your background images, it is time to feature your text. One must give a valid illustrator with an image, as it helps in connecting & communicating well the image resolution. Add a text that explains an image.

Using Effective Images

That is, pick photos that have a particular point of view and which offer something recognizable. Ideally, any image you select will be identifiable as relating to your brand.

Select Photos In Motion

Static & steady images are acceptable sometimes, especially as backgrounds. But when you’re sharing images to social media to enrich your content, an image should be doing & telling something.

Keep It Informative

Sometimes the best images can directly explain your given context. You can add up charts, graphics, infographics, and even screenshots to illustrate your points & view that you’re trying to make and help to break up the visual monotony of a wall of text.

Size Matters

Getting high-quality images for social media is vital to work for you well but they’re even better & more useful once they are clear, sharp and within the right dimensions for the chosen social platform. It is good to use a rule, landscape, but each social media channel has its sizing patterns that work better in the specific newsfeed.