The high resolution images are free of watermarks. However due to copyright reasons, the thumbnail size images are watermarked.

An editorial image is an image used to portray news and current events. It cannot be used to advertise or promote a product or service. It may also be used to illustrate subjects of human interest, including: art and culture, business, health and fitness, social events, lifestyle, technology and travel etc. Editorial images can be used for non-commercial purpose like illustrate news, commentary or opinion in newspaper or magazine etc.

The users are prohibited from sharing their subscribed username and password as it is for their personal use only. However additional seat licenses can be purchased for the purpose of sharing.

You have the option of buying plans on our website. Once you subscribe to a plan, you become its owner and administrator. Additional seat licenses can be purchased for the purpose of sharing with others so that they can download, edit and save images. Additional licenses are available at lower process than full subscription packs.

Yes, you have the option of buying a single or multiple image packs along with your current actives subscription plan.

Image pack enables you to download files of all available sizes. There is no extra charge for downloading a large sized file. You can view the available file sizes for each file on the close up page by clicking on the thumbnail of the image.

The expiry date for image packs is 1 year from the date of purchase and all downloading must be done before expiry.

No, you have the option of downloading maximum of your image pack in one day. Eg. If your pack is of 50 download image pack, you have the option of downloading all 50 images in one day or you can download images over multiple days (up to 1 year from date of purchase), until you have downloaded all 50 images of your pack.

No, you can buy only one subscription with the same username at a time.

No, You can buy only one image pack with the same username at a time.

Yes in such a case, the difference will get prorated on your new subscription pack automatically. For further information about renewals and upgrades you can contact our client servicing executive.

No, it is not possible to extend the duration of the pack as the Image packs expire after 1 year.

The credit is just like indiapicturebudget site's currency and these may be used to download images. A certain number of credits are deducted from the account every time an image is downloaded. The deduction is made according to the credit price scheme displayed on the image detail page. Unused credits are accumulated in the account for future use for exactly 12 months from the date of purchase. To buy credits,you may visit the Plans & Pricing page.

With Image packs you can download images for a full year, and the images can be used indefinitely. Image packs give you the option of downloading 5 to 25 Indian and International stock images, vectors & illustrations of all available file sizes in a year as per the download limit set in the chosen pack.

With subscription plans you can download 25 stock images, vectors & illustrations of any size per day as per the download limit set during your subscription period.

Credits enable you to get unlimited access to ALL the images. You have the option to pay once and download the images in the given time duration. Credit gives you enough flexibility and freedom to use them as per your convenience.

If a download fails, no other credits will be deducted if you try again within 24 hours from the first attempt and therefore you can download the same image as many times as you need. You can Contact us to redownload if 24 hours have expired and you are not able to open or find the file downloaded.

Yes, the purchase order invoice is available online in My Order section of My Account.

Royalty free refers to a copyright license which gives the user a one-time right to use the photo without many restrictions. RF images offers unlimited use to the users. You can use an RF image in any application and in as many different projects as you like. The cost of RF content depends on image size.

indiapicturebudget offers images from various API's with no difference in price on indiapicturebudget and the respective website. indiapicturebudget also gives discounts and gifts on buying images with credits. You can visit the promotion section and claim your gifts accordingly.

Please refer to our licensing page (redirect to Std and extended license page)